How FieldLevel Works for Athletes

Recruiting is not an exact science and there certainly aren't any short-cuts. Getting recruited takes effort, dedication and patience. The key to having a successful recruiting journey is to work with your coach to target the right college programs. This is how recruiting works at FieldLevel.

1. Connect With Your Coach And Create Your Profile

Collaboration with your coach is central to how FieldLevel works. It's a must that you are connected with your coaches to have success on FieldLevel. If your coach isn't involved, FieldLevel is not going to work for you.

2. Get Certified By Your Coach

Your coach is the most trustworthy and complete source of information about you. Only verified college coaches can see the evaluation written about you - this privacy is why they trust what they find here.

3. Get Discovered By Your Target Schools

Tell your coaches you are interested in a college by adding it to your list of target schools. With your list of target schools in hand, your coaches will be able to use their networks to promote you to and communicate with college coaches.

4. Track Your Progress With Target Schools

View profile activity to see if your efforts are resulting in views and follows from the schools you are targeting. FieldLevel gives you a complete picture of your profile activity. Including where you are showing up in searches, where your coach has promoted you and additional schools that you may be interested in looking at.