How FieldLevel Works for Coaches

Tens of thousands of high school coaches are connecting with college coaches and working with their athletes to help them find the right opportunities to play at the next level.

How it Works For High School & Club Coaches

FieldLevel is not a do-it-yourself profile site or paid recruiting service. We simply took the process that already worked and eliminated the busy-work and repetition so that you can get back to coaching. This is what working with your athletes on FieldLevel looks like:

1. Add Athletes to Your Roster

It's really simple to add athletes to your roster. All you need is a name and an email address or phone number. That's all it takes to get your athlete added to the roster and started on FieldLevel.

2. Tell Their Whole Story

The athlete evaluation you write tells the whole story including projection as well as assessments on attitude, work ethic, athleticism and measurements. Your evaluation provides everything a college coach needs to determine athlete fit.

3. Work with Them to Target the Right Schools

You are in the best position to help your athlete target the right schools. The FieldLevel community has coaches from the majority of colleges - from NCAA DI to NJCAA DIII. Somewhere in here is an opportunity for your athlete to play after high school.

4. Introduce Them to the Right Colleges

College coaches trust your opinion and want your player recommendations - that is your recruiting edge. FieldLevel helps you organize your network so you can connect with coaches and promote your athletes to their target schools.

How FieldLevel Works For College Coaches

Every athlete here has been evaluated and certified by a current coach. You get the whole story: future projection, attitude, work ethic, athleticism, measurements and video. Everything you need to know about the athlete before hitting the road.

1. Get Recommended Athletes From Your Trusted Connections

You can't be everywhere all the time. Over the years you have developed trusted relationships with high school coaches and their programs. We make it easy for your network of coaches to get athletes on your radar.

2. Search For Athletes By State, Grad Year, Match Strength And More

Looking for an athlete to fill a specific need? On FieldLevel you can perform targeted searches for athletes that are outside your regular pipeline.

3. Find Athletes That Are Interested Your Program

Search for athletes that have your school in their target list to determine whether they are a fit athletically and academically.

4. Stay Updated On Your Top Recruits

Get the latest highlight reels, updated assessments, injuries and commitments for every athlete you are following.