About FieldLevel

Our Mission

For every coach to experience the reward of helping their athletes end up at the right college. To celebrate the time, effort and passion that goes into making every commitment happen.

Our Story

There are few times in the life of an athlete that are as exciting and important as finding the right team to play for in college. Memories of those times are still fresh in the minds for many of us here at FieldLevel.

The recruiting process can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming for someone going through it for the first time. We set out to fix the problems in recruiting that prevent so many athletes from finding the right colleges and colleges from finding the right athletes for their teams.

The early days of FieldLevel were spent working closely with Junior College coaches, whose primary roles are to help their athletes play at the next level.

We learned that when these coaches were actively engaged in the recruiting process by working with and advocating for their athletes, they were able to effectively help them get recruited by 4-year colleges. This experience shaped our solution; the best way to improve recruiting is to involve the athletes' coaches.

When coaches and athletes are provided tools for collaborating, and coaches at all levels have an easy way to connect and privately discuss athletes, relationships are formed and athletes are able to get discovered by the right college programs.

At FieldLevel, we're fortunate to get to celebrate tens of thousands of recruiting success stories. Our mission is to make it possible for all athletes and their coaches to celebrate the major accomplishment of committing to the right colleges.

Founding Team

Cory Ducker
Brenton Sullivan
Jeremy Weir