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What We Do

FieldLevel is the athletic recruiting network that helps athletes find the right teams and coaches find the best talent for their rosters. By allowing coaches to advocate for their athletes directly with the right programs, FieldLevel goes beyond helping organize and streamline the recruitment process: it introduces a new level of trust into the game. The result? Talent finds the right team.

What We Believe

Relationships are at the heart of recruiting
Whether between high school and college coaches or high coaches and their athletes, relationships matter and help drive success in getting to the next level
We succeed with integrity, effort and passion
The recruiting process is successful when everyone is transparent, puts forth effort and does it with heart
We prioritize mutual fit over status
FieldLevel believes in aligning athletes and schools that are the right talent level, have shared values and common needs
Focused exposure is the best kind of exposure
Mass exposure to the wrong schools wastes time for both athletes and coaches. We believe in getting exposure to the right schools
Coaches have a critical role, and parents do too
From finding the right schools and programs to helping organize, motivate and support, everyone has a role
A great college experience is the goal
It’s necessary to identify what an athlete needs and why, so the athlete and the college program are successful

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