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Tomball, TX

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Tomball, TX
JoinedMay 2016
Roster 12
Alumni 108
Eric Martinez
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9 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Benavides, Javier
2023 • P, C, SS
Burton, Trent
2022 • 3B, CF, RF
Deshmukh, Amol
2022 • 2B, SS, CF
The Woodlands High School
Franco, Nicholas
2022 • P, RF
Garcia Jr., Mark
2022 • 2B, LF, CF
Maxwell, Kristopher
2022 • P, 2B, LF
Mayo, Kaleb
2022 • P, 1B, RF
Trosky Texas
Payne, Clay
2021 • C, 1B, 3B
Rodarte, Noah
2023 • P, SS, CF

3 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Buckner, Riley
2022 • P, C, 3B
Banditos Baseball Club
Langham Creek High School
Desert Oasis High School
Nola Monsters
MyTime Sports
Waldorf University
Signed Commitment
Gomez, Jonathan
2023 • C, 1B, RF
Schreiner University
Signed Commitment
Lopez, Michael
2022 • P, 1B, RF
Oak Ridge High School
Dodge City Community College
Verbally Committed