Chatfield High School

Littleton, CO

Chatfield High School

High School • Baseball
Littleton, CO
JoinedJul 2013
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Daniel Medina Jr
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6 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Amato, Sawyer
2023 • P, 2B, SS
Dodge, Clay
2022 • P, 3B, LF
Doty, Trenton
2023 • P, 2B, SS
Lytle, Drew
2021 • LF, CF, RF
Slammers Baseball
Mullen, Aidan
2022 • C, 2B, SS
Schramm, Brandon
2021 • P, 1B

3 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Hodges, Maddox
2023 • C, 3B
Arizona Christian University
Verbally Committed
Murrow, Parker
2023 • P, CF
Charleston Southern University
Verbally Committed
Novotny, Dylan
2024 • P, 1B, 3B
Porterville College
Signed Commitment