Inspiration Academy

Bradenton, FL

Inspiration Academy

High School • Baseball
Bradenton, FL
JoinedAug 2016
Roster 9
Alumni 97
Jerry Beard
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Mariano Jimenez Sr.
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Rayson Romero
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Dalton Lankford
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5 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Belote, Austin
2021 • P, C, 2B
Hayes High School
Ohio Lightning
BLBS Bandits
Biggs, Jordan
2021 • P, 3B, CF
Dig In Baseball
Brown, Caden
2023 • P, CF
Gaudette Jr., Jason
2021 • P, C, 3B
Belmont High School
Hildreth, Judd
2023 • 2B, SS, LF

4 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Bostedt, Alex
2024 • P, LF, CF
Wabash Valley College
Verbally Committed
Gargett, Ryan
2023 • P, C, 1B
Dodgers Scout Team
Hillsborough Community College
Signed Commitment
Marte, Ronelvis
2021 • 2B, SS
Southeastern Community College - Whiteville
Signed Commitment
O'Leary, Logan
2022 • P, 1B, 3B
Hillsborough Community College
Signed Commitment