San Angelo Central High School

San Angelo, TX

San Angelo Central High School

High School • Baseball
San Angelo, TX
JoinedSep 2017
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Patrick Penry
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7 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Charles, Jakob
2022 • P, SS, RF
DeLaurier, Gavon
2022 • 1B, 3B, RF
Green, Nolan
2024 • 2B, 3B, CF
Hart, Garon
2022 • P, LF, RF
Sampson, Reid
2022 • C
Cimarron Memorial High School
Snelson, Trayton
2022 • P, LF
Weidner, Hunter
2022 • P, CF

2 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Box, Cayden
2022 • 2B, SS
Hillsborough Community College
Signed Commitment
Green, Ethan
2022 • P, 3B
Dallas College - Richland Campus
Signed Commitment