Rush VBC

Queen Creek, AZ

Rush VBC

Club/Travel • Women's Volleyball
Queen Creek, AZ
JoinedNov 2017
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Alumni 17
Keoni Bailado
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Gehrig Stone-Awong
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Tim Zemp
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Shaka Seale
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Jeremy Devlin
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Kari Copelin
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DJ Borst
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8 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Bingham, Avery
2024 • OH, OPP, DS
Chlarson, Brooke
2021 • OH, OPP, DS
Copelin, Madison
2022 • OH, OPP, L
Molina, Kaitlyn
2022 • OH, OPP, MB
Motes, Marley
2023 • OH, OPP, MB
Thatcher High School
Telford, Eliza
2021 • OH, OPP
Lee Williams High School
Thomson, Kirsta
2022 • OH, OPP, MB
Kingman Academy
Vera, Sophia
2022 • OH

1 Committed Roster Athlete

Name Teams Commitment To School
Morris, Laney
2022 • L, S, DS
Thatcher High School
Pima Community College
Signed Commitment