Allen Community College

Iola, KS

Allen Community College

NJCAA D2 • Women's Volleyball
Iola, KS
JoinedJan 2016
Roster 14
Alumni 51
Todd Francis
484 Total Connections

James Aikins
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Maria Aikins
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8 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Agostini (transfer 2024), Veronica
2024 • OH, DS
Altic, Abby
2024 • OH, OPP
Becerra, Arlette
2024 • MB
DeWeese, Lexi
Farley, Teryn
2024 • OH, OPP, MB
Harris, Katherine
2024 • OPP, S
Lagoa, Isabella
2022 • S
Vargas, Chloe
2025 • L, S, DS

6 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Dominguez( Transfer 2023), Gabriela
2025 • OH, DS
Bethel University
Signed Commitment
Gallegos, Nadia
2024 • OPP, MB
Allen Community College
Signed Commitment
Maldonado 2023 Transfer, Andrea
2025 • L
Pagan Vallejo
CS Volleyball
Unik VBC
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Signed Commitment
Otero, Sofia
2023 • S, DS
CS Volleyball
University of Rio Grande
Signed Commitment
Santos (Transfer 2023), Aurivette
2023 • OPP, L, S
St. Thomas Aquinas College
Verbally Committed
Shaw, Alycia
2025 • OH, OPP, DS
Jacksonville High School
Rock City Juniors
Langston University
Signed Commitment