Killeen High School

Killeen, TX

Killeen High School

High School • Baseball
Killeen, TX
JoinedMay 2015
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Alumni 21
Robert Hawkins
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Nicholas Pettijohn
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7 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Beeman, Connor
2023 • P, 1B, 3B
Valiant Victors Baseball
Hammer, Cole
2024 • 2B, SS
Hanusch, Mason
2025 • P, 1B, RF
Lopez, Tirso
2023 • P, C, LF
Norman II, Roderick
2024 • P, 3B, SS
Pettijohn, Jerryn
2024 • P, 2B, 3B
Prince, Bryce
2024 • P, 3B, CF

1 Committed Roster Athlete

Name Teams Commitment To School
Mellon, Jack
2023 • P, C, SS
Valiant Victors Baseball
Ranger College
Signed Commitment