Wizard Volleyball Academy

Lake Worth, FL

Wizard Volleyball Academy

Club/Travel • Women's Volleyball
Lake Worth, FL
JoinedJun 2016
Roster 7
Alumni 18
Merlin Theleus
110 Total Connections
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6 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Brown, Renee
2024 • L, DS
Fignole, Nephtalie
2026 • L, DS
Gordon, Nyana
2025 • OPP, DS
Hernandez, Alyssa
2026 • L, DS
Montelus, Jennifer
2025 • S, DS
Theleus, Mckayla
2024 • OH, OPP, S

1 Committed Roster Athlete

Name Teams Commitment To School
Kepple, Sam
2024 • L, S, DS
University of the Pacific
Verbally Committed