San Diego City College

San Diego, CA

San Diego City College

CCCAA • Baseball
San Diego, CA
JoinedMay 2012
Roster 12
Alumni 10
Chris Brown
238 Total Connections

David Aceron
220 Total Connections

Jaysin Cadell
5 Total Connections

Anthony Sorrentino
130 Total Connections

Henry Hill
170 Total Connections
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9 Uncommitted Roster Athletes

Name Teams
Camacho, Nico
2021 • P, 2B
Mount Miguel High School
Carreon-Herrera, Hector
2019 • LF, CF, RF
Conceicao, Chavis
2022 • C, 1B
Kailua High School
Early, Jack
2020 • 2B, 3B, LF
Hilke, Isaiah
2024 • LF, CF, RF
Laine, Avery
2021 • P
Morales, Angel
2020 • P, 2B, SS
Perebzak, Robert
2023 • P, LF, RF
Trias, Aj
2020 • 3B, LF, RF

3 Committed Roster Athletes

Name Teams Commitment To School
Hennessey, Jacob
2022 • P
San Diego City College
Verbally Committed
Martinez, Patrick
2023 • 1B, 3B, SS
San Diego City College
Verbally Committed
Velasco, Alejandro
2020 • 2B, 3B, SS
University of Northwestern Ohio
Signed Commitment